Recipe collab: Quick Pickled Radish and Cucumbers with Quinoa Chickpea Walnut Crumble

We are 100% addicted to Fire Cider and not ready to give it up anytime soon. This  spicy, sweet, and tangy apple cider vinegar adds kick to everything it touches - especially our nutty Toasted Quinoa

P.S. We used the unsweetened Fire Cider in our recipe as it does not contain honey, so it is vegan-friendly. 


There's no formal recipe required for this throw-together dish. Simply use the Fire Cider to quickly pickle your favorite vegetables, which you've sliced into chips. We used this recipe, which only takes a few minutes. 

Then, in a food processor, pulse together two parts cooked and cooled Toasted Quinoa, two parts canned chickpeas (drained), and one part walnuts. 

The texture of this rustic spread makes a perfect dip for your pickled veggie chips - we used cucumbers and radishes.

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