Rebranding: Before and After

2016 will mark the launch of our rebranding! New Hope Media did a cool little write-up on our rebrand in their "4 successful natural food packaging updates" published on October 1, 2015. One of the best parts of the article was the image slider which compared the before and after packaging across all of the products. We thought we would borrow this concept and apply it to all of our flavors. For your viewing pleasure: 

Quinoa Clusters: Chocolate Sea Salt

Quinoa Clusters: Cashew Cranberry

Quinoa Clusters: Peanut Butter Cacao

Quinoa Clusters: Almond

Quinoa Puffs: Aged Cheddar

Quinoa Puffs: Sea Salt Truffle

Quinoa Puffs: Sweet Chili

Quinoa Puffs: Herbes de Provence

To learn more about our new design, check out this video