Why BOLIVIAN Quinoa?

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a South American ancient superfood known as the "mother of all grains" (although it’s technically a seed). It’s a complete source of protein (containing all 9 essential amino acids) - the same kind of protein found in meat and dairy. 

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, low-glycemic, high in fiber, packed with vitamins and minerals, and has a high protein content - between 14-18%.

Our love for quinoa prompted us to start making I Heart Keenwah quinoa snacks. From there, we’ve expanded into cook-and-serve toasted quinoa and quinoa hot cereal. All of our products proudly feature organic Bolivian Royal Quinoa as the primary ingredient, and we work hard to turn more people on to quinoa. Welcome to the quinoa club!



We exclusively source Bolivian Royal Quinoa for all of our products. Bolivian-grown quinoa is touted as the highest quality quinoa in the world! Here are our reasons for choosing Bolivian: 

  • Heirloom Seed. Bolivian Royal Quinoa is an heirloom seed, which means it is a non-hybridized, non-commercially bred or non-GMO seed. Bolivian farmers retain 10% of every year’s harvest to replant for next year’s season. The moniker “Royal Quinoa” is a protected term used solely for Bolivian-origin “heirloom” quinoa (neighboring Peru and Ecuador, in contrast, grow commercially-bred quinoa). 
  • Larger Size. Bolivian quinoa is larger in size, which means its fluffier (when cooked) and nuttier in flavor. 
  • Sustainable . Bolivian farmers employ sustainable farming practices, using lama dung as fertilizer, avoiding chemical pesticides, picking weeds by hand and allowing the soil to rest for a minimum of one year after each harvest.
  • Fair Trade. Bolivian quinoa is cultivated by smallholder farmers (as opposed to agribusiness), and I Heart Keenwah’s commitment to Fair Trade Certification ensures that farmers make a living wage.