Power (and puffs) to the people

Our Quinoa Puffs, Chocolate Puffs and Toasted Quinoa are all in the SoCal distribution center just waiting for your favorite store to pick them up - you can help make that happen - and earn free stuff while you're at it! 

Three Steps to Keenwah Greatness: 

  1. Bring this request letter to your favorite stores and drop it off with customer service, the grocery manager or buyer. 
  2. Let us know which store(s) you visited by filling out this short formvia email, or DM us on social media. 
  3. We'll follow up with the store, and send you four (4) vouchers for FREE I Heart Keenwah products.

Rules and Restrictions

By downloading this store request letter you agree to request I Heart Keenwah products at your local grocery stores in a respectful manner. Item requests must be made to Southern California retailers. Free item vouchers can be sent to Southern California addresses only, and can only be redeemed in Southern California retailers. Voucher offer valid while supplies last. Promotion subject to change or cancellation without notice.