q. why should i try i heart keenwah quinoa clusters?

a. because they: 

  • taste great!
  • satisfy your wildest hunger pangs
  • are the only kind of ready-to-eat quinoa
  • are all natural
  • are certified gluten-free
  • are non-gmo project verified (new!)


q. what is quinoa?

a. quinoa is a south american superfood, an “ancient grain” (in reality, a seed) that contains 9 amino acids, making it a complete protein. the quality of protein contained in quinoa is the same as that in meat and dairy.


q. when should i eat this product?

a. anytime! most often as an afternoon snack, but also for breakfast, a sensible dessert, or anytime you’re on the go. because quinoa is low glycemic, just a few pieces keeps you full for a while and satisfies that need for a little something sweet.


q. what does the product taste like?

a. it tastes like an old fashioned brittle or an asian sesame snack -- only made with quinoa.


q. why is it so crunchy?

a. it’s crunchy because we roast the quinoa in order to maintain all of its nutrients (they call it quinua tostada in bolivia). the roasting gives the product a real crunch and brings out a nutty flavor. the product contains none of the processed or chemical based ingredients often used to soften granola bars and other products.


q. what are the product’s ingredients?

a. all of our products are made of three types of organic quinoa – quinoa grain, quinoa puffs, and quinoa flakes. our main binder is tapioca syrup, and we add some brown rice syrup and cane sugar for texture. that’s pretty much it! chocolate sea salt has almonds and organic dark chocolate. cranberry cashew has dried cranberries and cashews. ginger peanut has dried ginger and peanut. peanut butter cacao has peanut butter, organic dark chocolate and organic cacao nibs. and almond has, well, just almond.


q. is the product organic?

a. our quinoa is completely organic. our sweeteners are also organic. our dark chocolate and cacao nibs are organic. our nuts and dried fruit are currently not organic. in total, 70% of the ingredients are organic.


q. is the product gluten free?

a. yes. all of our products are gfco gluten-free tested and certified.


q. is the product vegan?

a. yes! as of july 2014, we started rolling out a vegan formulation of the product (we removed the honey, which appeared in previous versions of the product). go vegan!


q. is the product non-gmo verified?

a. yes (jumps for joy with a beaming grin)! as of november 2014, we are now proudly non-gmo project verified. the logo should appear on our packages beginning in 1Q 2015. 


q. is the product dairy free?

a. yes, all flavors are dairy free. even the chocolate flavors (we use a dark chocolate). however, we make the disclaimer that our product is produced in a facility that also processes dairy (on separate days).


q. where is the product produced?

a. the product is manufactured in oregon and chicago, and our company is headquartered in chicago.


q. does the product have nuts?

a. yes, all flavors currently have nuts. nut free versions are on the way!


q. is the product raw?

a. no. we roast our quinoa and nuts, and we heat all of the ingredients.


q. how many calories per serving?

a. about 130 calories per 1oz serving (8-10 pieces), so each piece has 15 calories. each of our 4oz bags has 4 servings per bag.


q. how many pieces per bag?

a. there are about 35-40 pieces (bite sized squares) in a 4oz bag. since there are 4 servings per bag, our 1oz serving size is approximately 8-10 pieces – the same quantity as a kind bar, cliff bar, or standard energy bar.


q. why is the price so high?

a. we use quality ingredients (organic quinoa imported from bolivia, all natural nuts and dried fruits, organic chocolate), and our product is hand made in small batches.


q. why the sugar? why so many carbohydrates? 

a. the sugars are all natural and they come from the binder, mostly tapioca syrup. the carbohydrates come from the quinoa. for those wanting to minimize sugar intact, we recommend the almond and peanut butter flavors.


q. what is the shelf life?

a. 12 months unopened. a week or so once it’s opened (although depends on storage conditions). for longer shelf life, we suggest storing opened bags in the refrigerator. 


q. why is your name i heart “keenwah?”

a. our name is i heart keenwah because we love quinoa. and we spell quinoa using the phonetic spelling to help further people’s understanding of the wonderful little seed.


q. am i harming south americans by eating quinoa?

a. while we respect the healthy debate that is currently raging about the impacts of the popularity of quinoa on south americans, we feel that much of the media has exaggerated the negative implications.

in reality, there this very limited data available about the true impact of quinoa production on south americans. from first hand reports, we know that generally those who live in more isolated communities are able to maintain previous levels of quinoa consumption. while people who live near market centers feel price increases, the increased export of quinoa has in turn lead to a decrease in the cost of imported grains and foods. now these people have access to a wider range of less expensive foods which they often prefer, as quinoa is still culturally regarded as a “poor man’s food.” furthermore, increasing cultivation of quinoa is becoming a means to alleviate poverty by creating steady jobs. of course the expansion of quinoa lands must be done responsibly and sustainably. maintaining sufficient land for llamas to enhance fertilization is essential, as is maintaining the genetic biodiversity of quinoa. 




q. what is a quinoa puff?

a. it's a new product we're launching in early 2015. a spiff on a traditional cheese puff, only made of quinoa flour and totally gluten free!



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