I Heart Keenwah Won the FoodBytes! Judges’ Choice Award

"The judges selected the pitch company that best demonstrated scalability, innovation, traction and social impact. Under its I Heart Keenwah brand, the company produces a number of quinoa products, from snacks to hot cereal. The judges were impressed with the young company’s sourcing commitment to Bolivian heirloom quinoa, considered the most sustainably farmed quinoa in the world."

Photo by Kassie Borreson

Photo by Kassie Borreson

Watch our interview, filmed by Deric Swanson


Meet Our Models: Starship Salon

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed a little shakeup in our photos. For months we were on a roll sharing lots and lots of food pics, so we decided to break it up with some shots of real, actual people enjoying our quinoa snacks. 


You'll be seeing more of us, of course (Sarah, Ravi and Natalie) but we also called in some outside help from our friends from Starship Salon

Located in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, Starship Salon is a cruelty-free and vegan friendly beauty salon with a focus on natural ingredients - what a perfect fit! In addition to offering hair and makeup services, they also offer vegan-friendly snacks for their clients - and our own Chocolate Puffs have made the rotation on more than one occasion! 

Shop owner Trisha was kind enough not only to model for us (you can see her beautiful smile on our homepage,) but to also lend us two of her stylists - Sean and Anna. Bonus: We also snuck in some shots with Trisha's cuter-than-cute son Logan. 


We are also very grateful to Chicago roaster Dark Matter Coffee for letting us take advantage of the colorful back patio of their Star Lounge Coffee Bar for many of these shots. 

We'd love to hear what you guys think of our choice to use our (super cute) real life friends in our marketing as opposed to hiring models. Good idea? Not so good idea? Too many tattoos? Not enough tattoos? The best part about being a small, indie company is being able to experiment, so let us know how you feel about the latest switch up!