Staff Picks: Fair Friday Gift Picks

As we like to say in the Fair Trade business, Fair is the New Black. Yes, this Black Friday people will be swarming department stores and hitting the online shopping hard looking for the best deals on holiday gifts.

If we may, we'd like to suggest adding some Fair Trade gifts to your cart. Why? Because when you shop Fair Trade, your money goes toward all kinds of goodness. It helps farmers to maintain sustainable practises, and to earn a more-than-fair wage. It combats child labor. It ensures fair and safe labor practices in factories. It protects women in the work force against harassment and abuse - and lots more. 

Here are a few gift picks from the team at I Heart Keenwah: 


Ravi - co, founder

I'm having a love affair with Eating Evolved's Primal Chocolate bars made with coconut sugar. The Signature Dark is 72% cacao, so it's for serious chocolate lovers, and works really well in recipes

With a baby at home, coffee is a priority. I'm really into Rebbl's Maca Cold Brew right now. It's really delicious Fair Trade coffee blended with maca for sustained energy without the crash. 

A good night's sleep is more valuable than ever (thanks to above-mentioned baby) so finding the perfect pair of sheets was a must. We like Coyuchi bed sheets. The Fair Trade flannel is perfect for cold months. 


Natalie - Marketing Manager 

My son and I have developed a series hot cocoa addiction this season, so I'm hoping to find some Nibor drinking chocolate in my stocking - it's vegan, and made with Fair Trade chocolate. 

Ethletic shoes hit all the marks - Fair Trade, vegan, and sustainable. I love their Fair Skater collection for a classic look with an ethical twist. 

I'd love to add Herbivore Clothing's Compassion is Invincible pullover to my growing collection of their clothes. Printed on Alternative Apparel, a company that manufactures in accordance
with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct. 


Sarah - co-founder

I always need clothes that can go from the office to meetings to after school so these Salinda button-up tops are on my wish list this year. 

With Chicago's new bag tax I try to always remember my reusable bags. This Fair Trade, embroidered Chicago tote would be hard to forget! 

It's never too early for my two little soccer fanatics to learn about Fair Trade. This soccer ball from Dosti empowers Afghan women with Fair Trade jobs. 

What are your Fair Trade gift picks? Tell us in the comments! And keep an eye out for our Fair Friday coupon code later this week!